Friday, October 28, 2011

Rescuing Rosemary

As I lay in bed, drifting off to the news, the weather report came on and called for freezing temps. I remembered the fern, aloe and spider plants hanging on the patio and the rosemary in the hedge. Donning a hoodie over my gown and wellies over my bare feet, I ran out to rescue the plants. The rosemary is my favorite. It was left over last year's herb garden. I stuck it and other herb cuttings in an old hen and chicks pot, hoping for some fresh herbs for use during the winter. By spring, the rosemary was down to about 5 inches of woody stump. My mother has a theory for tired and ailing house plants...she "gives them over to God" and sticks them outside. So die or thrive, it's completely up to nature. Normally, I replant and nurture, but this time, I stuck the pot in the hedge around the patio and frankly forgot about it. I even planted a new herb garden complete with new rosemary. We used the rosemary from the herb garden all summer. Lo and behold...look at the rosemary from the hens and chicks pot! What a boon for fall and winter dishes. If the freeze missed the others in the herb garden, I shall bring them in for the winter. The money saved on the rosemary alone is reason enough to give it a go!

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