Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sunday Dinner

Most recently, I was saddened to find that it doesn't take much to lose the connection to one's family irrevocably. A harsh word, an off hand comment, hurt feelings, or just lack of contact, can cause a lapse in communication. Then, you think, well, what do I do now? So then, another moment goes by, then another, and then you feel it's too late to make contact, or that maybe they should make contact. Whatever the reason, it just doesn't happen. Then, with a tragedy, it can no longer happen. We had Sunday dinner at our house for years. Everyone was welcome, come as you are, the more the merrier. Then I let my career get the best of me and it seemed easier to rest on Sunday, than have everyone over. Funny, I don't have that job anymore. In fact, the company no longer exists. So, now I ask myself, "Self, what was the sacrifice for?" After a week filled with tragedy and chaos, it became very apparent to my husband and myself that Sunday dinners must be resurrected. We cannot let another moment go by and not connect with family. And, what better way than around the table? This Sunday, I'm going to go all "Waltons" on my family and ask that they join hands and give thanks to God that we are fortunate to be together again, and that we have the opportunity to say I miss you, I want to spend time with you, and most importantly, I love you!


  1. Yes definitely! I believe in Sunday dinner too, I've just got to to of a way to get my family back on track.

  2. I really liked the Godfather theme we had going last Sunday. Made me laugh so hard when Daniel was talking like an Italian! It could have been the wine too. Either way.

    When my Grandpa died last summer the funeral host was talking about how we (as in our society) lose connection with the people we love because there is always some work or other plans that get in the way of our spending time together. I really took that to heart and have been working at my relationships with my out of town family because its just too frickin in-your-face-true. You cant ignore a calling like that.