Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Apple...An Idea

Behold the apple. In it's current state, a possible danger to my digestive system. More test will perhaps lead to a diagnosis and meds to alleviate the symptoms. But, that is not what the apple means to me today. It is what the apple may become. With the right ingredients and know how, it can be be transformed. Today, the simple visual of the apple means a beginning, an idea, a spark of things it can become. A neighborhood icon, The Benson Bakery has become available for rent. It has not been run as the bakery for a few years now, but the space and most of the equipment is there. Usually, I do not long for money, but today, if I had the finances, I would restore this community favorite to it's former self. Not an upscale bakery with $4.00 cupcakes and artisan breads, but a neighborhood bakery with the baked goods we grew up with. Breads in sacks, doughnuts, kringles, kolaches carried away in those cardboard boxes back to coffee and orange juice waiting at home. It wouldn't take much money to get it back off the ground, and I am on the hunt to find the finances. This is just the business our whole family could be involved in...with a little hard work and elbow grease, this apple could become a pie!


  1. Or apple fritters, apple tartlets, apple spice cake with rum butter icing! Mmmm...lets fire up the oven!

  2. The sign is gone from the window at the bakery. I don't know what is going in, but I do hope it is a bakery. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that God has a divine plan for us all and the bakery is not currently in mine. I am at peace with this. I wish the new owners luck in their endeavors and am excited that a new business is coming to our neighborhood!