Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yogurt & Quark

Trying my hand at making yogurt and then quark. If all turns out well, it should yield a surplus of yogurt and quark at a fraction of the cost. Thank you Robin Mather for the inspiration. I am loving your book The Feast Nearby! Meanwhile.....Thunder, our exchange chicken, was supposed to be the bold one of the flock she came from (insert aggressive)but has yet to fight her way into the group. And yes, I tried all the tricks suggested for introducing a new chicken to the flock. It will boil down to a battle royale or death. Such is the life of a chicken on an urban farm.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Months later......

I really should do a better job of posting. You'd think nothing happens here, but, that is further from the truth. Knitted, and sold several mascot hats. Went full time a Gallup. Chickie Bock Bock passed over after 12 years of dutiful service. Acquired a new hen, a Dominique, but sadly, the flock is rejecting her. My kitchen garden is in and is determined to grow despite the influx of rain. Most importantly, Daniel and Lacey's wedding is a week from today and the reception is in our back yard. I can hardly wait!