Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Can Do This!

I had published a post on this blog about needing help adding a link to connect with my facebook page about Melia's Urban Farm. I am having difficulty figuring out where in the html of my blog, the body is. I do not speak computer and am more of a visual learner, as most baby boomers are. I shared the post on facebook about needing help. My youngest daughter's boyfriend offered to help me, albeit, long distance, and I was elated. Later that day, in an effort to clear my phone of data, I erased the post. Technology and I butt heads from time to time. That was one of those times. Today, I was inspired by the mother of a young woman whose blog I follow. She was letting her followers know about her mother's blog and fb page. I follow both and they are delightful! In fact, check out all the blogs I follow. They are funny, inspirational and informative! I figured, if she can do this, so can I! I will, with a little help (comment below if you know this html thing) get this figured out. I want to build my readership and gain followers here, and once the facebook page is up and running, fans on it. In the mean time, if you're reading this, please follow my blog. I promise to give you personal, informative, and and sometimes funny glimpses into our lives at Julie World!


  1. Lawnless Trials Goes Homesteading. This is going to come up as Anonymous because, like you, I don't speak computer and I can't figure out how to comment as me. It appears that my daughter and I are the inspirational team you mention. How cool! Good luck with your own effort at sharing.

  2. Yes, you are and thanks! I'm hoping to figure out the links soon.